Verizon Clears the Air on New Plans with 'Myth v. Reality' Q&A Style Answers

Myth v. Reality: New My Verizon app and new Verizon Plans.

Verizon's revamp of its new plans has come under scrutiny by some quarters. To clear the air, the Operator issues a statement, called "Myth v. Reality: New My Verizon app and new Verizon Plans" to set its record straight.

Verizon unveiled its new plans just last week - "Verizon Ups the Ante with More Data, Rollover Data & 'Safety Mode' to Control Overages"

The Operator regrets that some reporters have incorrectly reported the new plans as a “price hike,” and it has provided a comparison of per MB cost between the before and after for the plans. Among the Operator's critique is T-Mobile's CEO, John Legere who has been taking the opportunity to challenge the rational of the new plans with a series of tweets and also a caption contest, promising the most favorite caption with a 64GB iPhone SE.

Following are the clarifications issued by Verizon:

Myth: Verizon is raising prices with its new plans.

Reality: The price per GB is lower, across the board. The price went from $30 to $17.50 per GB on the S size plan and from $5.56 to $4.58 on XXL. View all per GB prices here.

Myth: Verizon is copying the competition with introducing Carryover and Safety Mode; Verizon’s competitors offer the same type of plans, but for less money.

Reality: No other wireless company can offer the entire package. We bring together options customers tell us they want, in a new plan with incredible value - and a new My Verizon app that puts you in control - all on the best network.

Myth: Safety Mode is throttling.

Reality: Safety Mode is not throttling. You can choose Safety Mode to slow your speeds (and avoid overage charges) once you’ve used your data for the month. Or you can change your Plan size, or get a Data Boost. The discount carriers automatically slow you down when you reach your data limit.

Myth: Safety Mode is a new unlimited option for customers.

Reality: Safety Mode is not available all the time and indefinitely.  If you’ve selected Safety Mode and used your data for the month, you automatically connect with 4G LTE speeds at the start of a new month.

Myth: Verizon’s network will not be able to handle the increase in data usage and will likely be slower.

Reality: False. Network excellence is in our DNA. The Verizon network is engineered for predictable excellence and we continually invest in our network to meet our customers’ future needs. Click here for more about our award-winning network.

Myth: All customers have to switch to the new plans.

Reality: If you’re happy on your current plan, just stay where you are.

Ray is a news editor at The Fast Mode, bringing with him more than 10 years of experience in the wireless industry.

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