Connected But Undistracted - Swisscom's My Time App Helps Smartphone Users Manage their Mobile Habits


Swisscom has recently launched a free app, My Time which can create a virtual 'down time' for calls, texts, apps and other services accessed on the smartphone. The smartphone will thus not be ringing or alerting the user with notifications from various applications for the duration which the user has set as 'down time'. For those trying to reach the user, the App can be configured to send an automated SMS with details of the user's next availability which allows callers to call at a later time. The My Time app was developed by Swisscom in collaboration with the startup company, OFFTIME.

According to Swisscom, the My Time app will record all the activites across the call, text, apps and other services available on the smartphone and at the end of the scheduled down time, displays a summary of all the events that have taken place.

The My Time app is a typical value added service that Operators can offer their subscribers. Apart from creating a 'distraction-free' time for the user, the app also provides reports on the overall usage of individual services such as social media, mobile Internet, apps, calling and text enabling users to keep tab of their own mobile habits and plan the time they spend on their devices. With 'digital detox' becoming a popular concept, operators can take the lead on promoting a healthier and more balanced use of their mobile devices without users switching off their devices everytime they need some time alone. Swisscom said that a survey it conducted with market research company Link showed that 60% of Swiss smartphone users switched off their devices completely to avoid being interrupted. With My Time, users can choose to receive calls and notifications from selected numbers and apps, making it a perfect tool for those who want to remain connected but undistracted. 

Marc Werner, Head of Residential Customers at Swisscom
My Time will help our customers consciously take time out and reflect on how they use their smartphones,” explains .

Alexander Steinhart, CEO of OFFTIME
The use of technology and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are closely intertwined. The aim of My Time is to help Swisscom customers determine their exposure to their smartphones themselves.


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