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Vasona Networks Adds Mobile Packet Assurance to SmartAIR Solution

Clock 27 June 2015
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Vasona Networks Adds Mobile Packet Assurance to SmartAIR Solution Image Credit: Vasona Networks

Vasona Networks, a leading mobile network optimization company has unveiled Version 2.1 of the company's Vasona SmartAIR to help mobile operators deliver the best customer experience even during network congestion. SmartAIR combines Mobile Packet Assurance with Vasona Networks' DRCF functionality that monitors each cell and maintains a real-time congestion state for all flows.

According to Vasona Networks, this new feature enhances application performance when data packets are lost in the network not only as a result of bandwidth congestion, but also from weak signal strength or other performance-impacting events. Mobile Packet Assurance leverages Vasona Networks' ability to take real-time action based on intelligence about all traffic in individual cells at any moment.

Based on its visibility of mobile data traffic globally, Vasona Networks estimates that when a typical high-quality video is streamed, packets are dropped every 5-10 seconds, hurting the viewing experience. Vasona Networks added that the network edge-based SmartAIR can assess and act on packet losses more quickly than devices in the mobile network core or those serving the data via the Internet. 

John Reister, vice president of marketing and product, Vasona Networks
When a mobile operator can get out in front of packet loss problems and resend lost data more quickly, less packets have to be resent and the subscriber experience is improved. Vasona Networks is raising the bar for speed of overcoming data loss based on current network conditions, resending lost packets the moment that cells can accommodate them.

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