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Zcorum Unveils Tablet Based RF Inspector App for Remote Spectrum Analysis

Monday, 19 May 2014 05:17
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ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, has launched RF Inspector, an app that displays the spectrum for all data and video channels directly on a tablet in the same way it would appear on a meter, without the need to be on-site at the customer location.
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The ultra-modern test app that can serve as a replacement for traditional spectrum meters, leverages on the latest chipsets in cable modems and set-top boxes that are able to capture the full spectrum passing through the device. 

The RF Inspector app is available at the Google Play store for subscription fee of $9.95 per year. In addition, the cable operator must also download a server-side component that communicates with the modems in the cable plant, and which also controls who has access to view spectrum with the app.

RF Inspector is a game-changer for the cable industry. There’s a high cost for traditional test equipment used to view downstream spectrum, and you need to go out in the field to check readings when you have a problem. With RF Inspector, operators can replace that expensive test equipment with an inexpensive app, and they don’t need to roll a truck to see what’s going on at the customer premises.” 

- Scott Helms, Vice President of Technology, ZCorum\

We want this to be a straightforward decision for operators, so we’ve set a low price for the app and we’re making the server-side software available as a free download for NCTC member companies. This product fits perfectly with our mission to help broadband providers reduce their costs while giving them the tools they need to provide a better experience for their customers.” 

- Julie Compann, President and CEO, ZCrum


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