based offers with multiple quota buckets and tenures for most flexible consumption

with PAYG or quota-based mobile data, messaging and voice, including Wi-Fi and VoWiFi access abroad

are quota- , time- or tenure-based for granular and as-needed usage of mobile data

including parental control for ‘content-A’ only or for ‘everything except content-A’ type of plans

provide exclusive data or content offers for long-term customers and big consumers

are seasonal data or content offers comprising rate discounts, p-w-p specials or access to exclusive content

allow a single data bucket to be shared across multiple devices, including connected cars and wearables

provides free/ discounted data or online content in exchange for online brand/ content engagement

allows post-paid and pre-paid data subscribers to consume their unused quota in the next bill cycle

bundles connectivity to phones and tables with M2M devices under a ‘connect-all ‘ data plan

allows quality of content to be dynamically altered based on the plan, traffic condition and device

allows security measures to be dynamically enforced based on the plan, content source and type

bundles Wi-Fi data in users' data quota or offers it as an add-on to existing mobile data plan

provides usage-based plans (PAYG) bundled with monthly mobile data and VoLTE-device plans

is bundled with existing voice and messaging plans and also offered on international roaming plans

bundle HD Voice, Text and Video Communications on PAYG plans or as an add-on to mobile data plans

are Operators’ own voice, messaging, social media and video/music apps provided on mobile data plans

is bundled with mobile data for Apps-based, on-demand mobile video service on subscription or per-content purchase

is bundled with mobile data for Apps-based mobile TV service on time-based passes/monthly subscription

services allow Operators’ video services to be shared over multiple devices via Wi-Fi, e.g. TV Everywhere

bundles mobile data plans with popular apps and digital content from third parties

allow Operators to deliver targeted offers based on a wide range of internal and external information

provide information services and e-commerce offers based on the users’ location in real-time

is the delivery of voice, text and video adverts on mobile devices, natively or via apps

provides subscribers mobile wallets, virtual debit cards, mobile money and NFC-based payment facilitation

service comprises mobile data, infotainment content, telematics, cloud-based platforms and user applications

service comprises M2M connectivity, IoT platforms and user Apps for managing home appliances

service comprises M2M connectivity, IoT platforms and user Apps for managing city infrastructure/ services

Web Pass

Content/App Passes

Contextual Offers

<latest news> Consumers in Emerging Markets Gain Affordable Access to Apps via Opera Max App Pass


Mobile Backhaul

Capacity Mgt

Customer Experience Mgt

<latest news> Aviat Strikes Multiple Deals with Major African MNO


Wi-Fi Offloading

WiFi Roaming

SIM-based Authentication

Integrated Wi-Fi Offload Billing

<latest news> Accuris Showcases Commercial Hotspot 2.0 Compliant WiFi Networks at MWC


Customer Experience Mgt

Digital Enablement

Convergent Charging

Digital Services

<latest news> MATRIXX Software Opens New Office in Dubai to Cater for CSPs' Mobile Data Growth


Network Infrastructure Optimization

Intelligent Service Chaining

Load Balancing

Data Center Management

<latest news> Qosmos to Showcase Intelligent Service Chaining in a Virtualized Environment Running on Cavium’s LiquidIO® Adapter


Dynamic Capacity Management

Virtual Private Cloud


Disaster Recovery

<latest news> Comverse Offers Multi-VAS Solutions (mVAS) on Amazon Web Services Cloud


Subscriber Experience Management

Digital Services

Network Quality Management

Subscriber Analytics

<latest news> Procera Networks Unveils 'Scorecard' to Help Operators to Measure QoE


4G LTE Monetization

Real-time Data Rating

 Real-Time Policy Management

Personalized Data Offers

<latest news> ProAdvancing Customer Experience to Personalization Experience



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Solution XYZ-1

Description of Solution 1(up to 75 words)Description of Solution 1 (up to 75 words)Description of Solution 1 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 1 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 1 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 1 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 1 (up to 75 words)Description of Solution 1 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 1 (up to 75 words) Link

Solution XYZ-2

Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words)Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words)Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words)Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 2 (up to 75 words) Link

Solution XYZ-3

Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words)Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words)Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words)Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words) Description of Solution 3 (up to 75 words) Link


Rocket Optimizer

Rocket Optimizer is a next-generation, NFV-friendly mobile video, audio and data optimization solution that solves unpredictable demand with elastic, surgical, cloud-based innovation. Rocket Optimizer provides mobile operators with a 60% boost in bandwidth capacity across smartphones, laptops, and tablets and allows mobile operators to measure and mitigate bandwidth congestion in real time, providing the best quality of experience (QoE) for every subscriber session on the network. Link

Opera Web Pass

Opera Web Pass allows operators to package their mobile internet offerings in flexible, easy-to-understand and marketable ways to their customers and move beyond confusing, megabyte-based data plans, which have created barriers for consumers who simply want to get online with their mobile phones. Link

Opera Max

Opera Max gives operators the opportunity to build deep, trusted relationships with their customers - while making their data plans go farther than ever before. Opera Max users get up to 50% more data across most apps and browsers, while actually consuming the same amount as before, thanks to Opera’s market-leading video and data compression technology. Link


CTR 8540 microwave router

CTR 8540 is most compact, integrated, capable microwave solution. It is a highly functional Carrier Ethernet device with comprehensive microwave features. It supports full portfolio of Aviat RF devices including all IF and Ethernet connected radios and is backward compatible with existing Eclipse installed base Link

WTM 3300

Unlike big, heavy, expensive E-band radios, the 70-80 GHz WTM 3300 features embedded ‘invisible antenna’ making it one-fifth the weight at one-half the power consumption compared to other all-outdoor Ethernet radios. Its small size means operators can access more sites compared to traditional parabolic antenna systems Link



Accuris Networks’ AccuROAM platform provides core network interworking solutions for mobile carriers and communications service providers. It is the only solution for Wi-Fi offload and roaming that gives mobile customers the tools to make Wi-Fi behave as a full, seamless, secure extension of cellular networks for billing, policy control and authentication. Link

Wi-Fi Roaming

Accuris Networks’ Wi-Fi roaming solution enables any type of Wi-Fi access technology to work as a full extension of GSM, CDMA or cable networks for billing, policy and authentication -- not just for use with data services, but for voice and messaging as well. Today carriers such as AT&T use the solution for international Wi-Fi roaming. Link

Wi-Fi Offload

With the recent popularity of voice-over-Wi-Fi, Accuris Networks helps devices create secure, carrier-grade connections to the mobile carrier core network for voice using the same SIM-based credentials as on a GSM or CDMA network. Accuris Networks is the gatekeeper that establishes a secure tunnel and authenticates the user on the mobile core. Link


MATRIXX Convergent Charging

MATRIXX Convergent Charging enables service providers to transform their charging capability with a real-time platform that delivers a differentiated customer experience. The solution allows digital service providers to deploy a single real-time engine to perform rating, balance management and online charging for all services, payment methods and line of business segments. Link

MATRIXX Online Customer Experience

MATRIXX Online Customer Experience enables service providers to offer a consistent proposition for all customers that is 100% online with all transactions and balances, processed and available in real-time. The solution allows Digital Service Providers to offer a rich interactive mobile self-care app with ‘on demand’ service purchases, accurate usage dashboards and instant balance sharing to dramatically improve the customer experience while reducing the overall cost to serve. Link

MATRIXX Dynamic Balance Sharing

MATRIXX Dynamic Balance Sharing enables service providers to launch advanced sharing propositions based on real-time charging that can cater for the demands of digital customers and LTE usage patterns. The solution allows Digital Service Providers (DSPs) to consolidate balances onto one high performance charging platform and to share data, voice and SMS balances in real-time across prepay and post-pay payment methods, to offer customers instant visibility through digital channels to view balances, monitor usage with sharing controls to manage usage. Link


Qosmos DPI as a VNFC

Qosmos DPI as a Virtual Network Function Component runs in a virtual machine and feeds application information and metadata to functions such as Service Routers, GGSN, PCEF, BRAS, ADC/Load Balancers, Network Analytics, NG Firewalls, WAN optimization, etc. It is a standalone function providing detailed, real time traffic intelligence to enable service awareness at the guest application level. Link

Qosmos ixEngine

Qosmos’ ixEngine® is the de facto industry-standard DPI engine for developers of telecom and enterprise solutions. It identifies and extracts information traveling over networks in real time, providing a true picture of the traffic by identifying protocols, types of application, and extracting additional information in the form of metadata. Equipment makers, telco and enterprise software vendors, as well as cloud service providers use Qosmos to gain application awareness, accelerate time to market and benefit from continuous signature updates. Delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK), it is composed of software libraries and tools that are easily integrated into new or existing solutions. Link

Qosmos Classifier

The Qosmos Layer 7 Service Classifier is a dedicated software function with open SDN & NFV interfaces, designed to enable any type of service combination while optimizing networking and infrastructure costs. Systems integrators and solution vendors can leverage this ready-to-use service classifier to enable intelligent, dynamic service chaining for operator mobile Gi-LAN or vCPE. The Qosmos Classifier™ is a standalone software component, which classifies traffic flows in real time for further processing in e.g. switches, routers, PCEF, firewall, passive probes, etc. It recognizes traffic up to Layer 7 using Deep Packet Inspection and associated techniques (heuristics, statistical, behavioral, etc.). Link


Multi-VAS solution via Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

Comverse has developed a multi-VAS (multi value added services) solution available via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Leveraging Comverse’s Virtualized mVAS solutions with advanced AWS technologies, service providers can upgrade and modernize their existing VAS offerings with extreme efficiency while matching the security and latency aspects previously only available through in-network deployments. Comverse's offering on the AWS cloud delivers improved time-to-market, financial flexibility and the utmost in network scalability. Link

Managed Services

The Comverse Managed Services team of experts takes the responsibility to streamline your environment operation, letting you instantly benefit from industry best practices capabilities and our global experience. A Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is assigned for all service-related issues, providing a customized set of expert services tailored to your situation, including: application development and operations, testing, and build, operate and transfer (BOT) services. The services are based on a well-defined methodology: utilizing ITIL best practices, eTOM framework, and a clear, structured governance model. The services span the entire service lifecycle, focused on meeting your business needs and committed to your success with clear, predefined KPI, SLA and RACI mechanisms. Link



Procera’s Network Scoring Solution provides a ScoreCard view that gives operators an understanding of what quality their network is capable of delivering. Networks are rated from A to F in categories that subscribers care about: Web Surfing, Streaming Video, Social Media, Real-time Gaming, Upload, Download and Voice Applications. Executive Management can use the scores to prioritize and make decisions on CAPEX and OPEX investments. Engineers can drill down deeper and analyze the actions to take at different parts of the network. Marketing can use scores to differentiate with services where the operator is particularly strong. MORE INFO

RAN Perspectives

RAN Perspective is a revolutionary software service that gives network operators real-time signaling updates from any SIM-enabled mobile device. With this technology operators can utilise Real-Time location updates to ensure congestion management based on active users in a cell. MORE INFO

Subscriber Experience Solutions

Our solutions are used by network operators and networking vendors worldwide to add new levels of intelligence into their networks. We deliver solution targeted at enhancing the user experience on broadband networks – whether they are fixed, mobile, Wi-Fi, satellite, or any other access technology that may be used anywhere in the world. To us, everything we do it focused on the subscriber experience – because we are all broadband users too. MORE INFO

PacketLogic/V - a solution for NFV

PacketLogic/V platforms enable flexible deployments of PacketLogic software using industry-standard, off-the-shelf hardware and software virtual machine environments. The PacketLogic/V platform is empowered by the PacketLogicTM software suite, and is designed to enable network operators to gain insights and take action on broadband traffic to enhance the subscriber experience. PacketLogic/V software performed at over 150Gbps for traffic below the average packet size seen on the Internet. The software version used in this test is generally available now. MORE INFO












#Innovatefaster Quiz

'Innovate and Innovate Faster' - a Web event by PCC Mobile Broadband

#1: What is Sponsored Data?

It is data that is provided by a Sponsored Operator for selected users

It is data whose charges are borne by a third party merchant selling products or content

It is the unused capacity in the network that the Operator gives away to selected customers at zero charges

It is free data provided by non-commercial networks for customers with small data plans

#2: What is Data Rollover?

It is the unused network capacity that the Operator brings forward to the following month

It is a feature in data packages that automatically changes a user’s data quota for the present month based on how much data the user actually consumed in the past month

It is a technique used by Mobile Operators to keep topping up the data quota of a user so that the consumer never runs out of data

It is a feature in data packages that allows the subscriber to use the unused quota balance from the previous month in the current month.

#3: Which of the following is TRUE about Voice-over-LTE(VoLTE?)

To use VoLTE service, customers require a VoLTE Application that connects to the Mobile Operator’s LTE network

The VoLTE service can be provided independently of a subscriber’s 4G LTE data plan

Any device that connects to the 4G LTE network can be used to deliver VoLTE service

To start communicating via VoLTE, users need to set up their VoLTE App account and a unique user name, and use this user name as an ID to connect to each other.

#4: Which is NOT TRUE about WiFi Calling?

Skype is an example of a WiFi Calling service because it delivers voice service on any Wi-Fi connected phone/tablet

Wi-Fi Calling can be integrated to VoLTE with seamless switch-overs between both services

WiFi Calling can help Mobile Operators offload traffic from their mobile networks

Users do not need a Wi-Fi calling App installed on their mobile devices to use Wi-Fi Calling

#5: Consumers can use a Mobile Wallet for all the following purposes except:

To transfer money to and from their Bank Accounts

To make near-frequency-communications (NFC) payments in physical stores

To make payments for online purchases

To make credit card purchases in stores that offer NFC payment facility

#6: The following are examples of CONTENT Bundling, except:

A 20GB 4G LTE Data Plan that provides unlimited access to WhatsApp

A 10GB 4G LTE Data Plan that comes with free access to 5 movies on Netflix

A 20GB 4G LTE Data Plan that comes with 200 Minutes Voice and 100 Texts plus Unlimited Access to Spotify Music Streaming Service

An unlimited 4G LTE Data Plan that offers 80% discount on the Operator’s Mobile TV service

#7: A Connected Car service can be used for the following:

i. To enable drivers to stream music and access navigation help from their cars
ii. To turn the car into a Wi-Fi HotSpot for nearby devices
iii. To enable the car to automatically transmit information about a vehicle's diagnostics
iv. To enable the car to automatically update/sync with selected Apps on customer devices

i, ii and iii

i,ii and iv

i, iii and iv

i,ii,iii and iv

#8: Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Mobile Operator OTT services?

Mobile TV service is an example of a service that can be provided by Mobile Operators as an OTT offering

Mobile Operators’ OTT services can be provided via web browsers as well as dedicated Apps

A Mobile Operator can extend its OTT services for non-customers as a fully paid service

Customers must subscribe to the Operator’s data plan in order to access the Mobile Operator’s OTT service

#9: A Shared Plan, typically,

i. is billed to a single customer
ii. allows sharing of one data bucket among many devices registered on the plan
iii. can be extended to include the Connected Car and wearables such as smartwatches and smartbands
iv. can be extended to include shared content subscription between devices

i, ii and iii

i,ii and iv

ii, iii and iv

i,ii,iii and iv

#10: The following are examples of Contextual Offers :

i. Mobile Operator sends a top-up data pass offer to a customer approaching his quota threshold
ii. Mobile Operator sends an advertisement promoting a fare discount offered by an airline company which has recently introduced new flight routes, to all its subscribers
iii. Mobile Operator sends information about available hotels in a resort town for a customer who has just arrived in that town to visit his parents
iv. Mobile Operator sends a personalized message promoting its new data plan to all its present and past subscribers

i and ii

i and iii

ii and iv

iii and iv

#Operator Service Innovation News