ETSI Open Source MANO Unveils Release 3.0

15 November 2017
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ETSI Open Source MANO Unveils Release 3.0 Image Credit: ETSI

ETSI Open Source MANO group (ETSI OSM) announces finalization of OSM Release THREE, following the launch of the second version that supports public and hybrid cloud deployments early this year.

This release includes service assurance and monitoring, role-based access control and specific orchestrator modules for services and resources. The new role-based access control enables users from different service providers to access the OSM system with the appropriate set of privileges.

The Releae THREE facilitates the adoption of complex operation workflows without compromising the security of the network or its operations. It also includes the support for shared spaces where users can access and operate a given set of Network Services (NS) and Virtual Network Functions (VNF), enabling collaborative work with orchestration.

In addition, the New Service Assurance and Monitoring capabilities allow the orchestrator to act on events and metrics gathered from VNFs and infrastructures, in a technology-agnostic manner. Other features such as anti-affinity rules as well as explicit port ordering and device role tagging facilitate VNF deployments, availability and resiliency.

Francisco-Javier Ramon, Chaorman of ETSI OSM Group
OSM Release THREE provides a highly functional and reliable component for NFV Orchestration that enables all industry players to accelerate their deployment plans, with no need to change their target architectures for NFV infrastructure or OSS transformation.

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