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Malware Infections on the Rise Affecting 10% of Home Networks and over 0.5% of Mobile Devices

Clock 8 November 2013
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IP Network probe


Alcatel-Lucent , the leading network technology group, and TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS Telecom), the seventh largest local exchange telephone company in the U.S., released Kindsight Security Labs Malware Quarterly Report and also announced Kindsight security technology powered TDS’ Hacker Alert service. According to the findings, 10% of home networks and over 0.5% of mobile devices were infected with malware, both increased from the previous quarter. The solution enables TDS to continuously analyze Internet traffic for threats, inform subscribers and provide directions on how to remove ‘malware’ or other infections on a device and inform the subscribers if their devices have insufficient or outdated anti-virus software.  The security service helps consumers to protect their devices from harmful sites and from infections that could be transferred on attachments, files and even the USB stick. 


 Home Network Infections , Source - Kindsight Security Labs Malware Quarterly Report

 Top Infections - Zero Access 2, Source - Kindsight Security Labs Malware Quarterly Report


Matt Apps, Manager of Product Management and Development at TDS Telecom, said:“Internet consumers are increasingly becoming the targets of malware attacks. With Hacker Alert, consumers benefit from an always-on, always up-to-date security service that cannot be disabled by hackers. Its popularity speaks volumes about the need fulfilled by launching this unique security solution.”


Brendan Ziolo, Business Development, Alcatel-Lucent Kindsight, said:“Consumers have gotten pretty used to making sure their home computers are running anti-virus software programs, but that is not enough. They need to deploy multiple layers of security to protect against infections that evade detection by anti-virus programs. And now, mobile devices are a new target which consumers leave largely unprotected. The Kindsight Security Solutions can be embedded in both fixed and mobile broadband networks so the consumer can be notified of a threat, regardless of the device, when their personal information is at risk.” Source - Alcatel Lucent (Nov 3, 2013) 

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Ray is a news editor at The Fast Mode, bringing with him more than 10 years of experience in the wireless industry.

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