Hi! Welcome to The Fast Mode's 2019 Trends and Outlook. From September 2018 to January 2019, we will be picking out some of the best predictions submitted to us and have them published in this segment. From topics such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, 5G, Virtualization, Software Defined to Drones, Virtual Reality and the Digital Telco, we gather views from leading companies in telecommunications on what 2019 bodes for the industry and how might today's solutions and technologies impact the future services and innovations in this space. To submit your entries, email [email protected] 

By David Walsh, Founder of Kandy Communications Cloud Solutions

Continual Cloud Communications Changes Everything

...even without machines, sometimes, you just need to speak to another live human and not just any human, the best human, the expert human. This is where we are seeing innovation through a new level of “intelligent routing” that goes beyond optimizing the network, but...

By Keith Brody, VP of Marketing

Customer Loyalty Reincarnated, Content Becomes Central to Customer Retention and 5G Continues its Takeoff

...as brands try to hold on to valuable customers. The cost of loyalty infrastructure, that has historically held brands back from launching programs, is rapidly dropping because of cloud-based, digital solutions that are ‘light touch’; add to this the interesting opportunities that...