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Check out some of these most popular B2B Marketing Content Types including those we feature on our publication:    

Strategy Papers – a thorough discussion of a particular technology, solution or service in the mobile broadband sector, with an analysis of the business and financial implications for the players within the segment including the impact on revenues and profits, growth and expansion, operational models, product and service innovations and pricing decisions and customer retention. The strategy papers also assess the current and future market trends, socio-economic trends, technological changes, implementation challenges and other factors that impact the adoption and growth of the discussed technology, solution and service. Strategy Papers


Blog Posts (Expert Opinion, Quick Take, What's Happening) – an independent discussion of a particular technology, solution or service in the mobile broadband sector based on the author’s own experience, analysis and opinion. The expert opinion segment enables experienced professionals from the mobile broadband segment to present an interesting and insightful perspective on the technology, solution or service, based on an indepth understanding of the topic that is discussed. Go to BLOG

White Papers – a document that discusses a new technology, solution or service concept, with emphasis on the technical aspects and the deployment models. White Papers also present use cases and elaborate the benefits of the discussed technology, solution or service concept. As White Papers are usually written for a specific vendor product/solution, they incorporate a reasonable amount of promotional material. Samples

Use Cases  – discussion and illustration how a particular solution can be deployed for various new application, functionalities and services. Samples

Case Studies – discussion of real-life deployments of a particular technology or solution, with details of the implementation, including the type of players, geographical information, the markets and the models deployed and an analysis of the business, financial and service implications resulting from the deployment/implementation. Samples

Webinars  – an interactive online video session (45 minutes to 1 hour) where the organizer and co-hosts deliver a presentation (can be a video or presentation slides) to a large number of participants via a web-based interface. Participants register and 'turn-up' to the event via the web-based interface. Some web-based interfaces require participants to download the application while on others, participants can just sign-in and start following the webinar. Webinars allow white-boarding, pre-recorded videos and animated presentations - enabling presenters to explain in detail and in a very engaging way, an idea, a technology or a solution. Webinars are highly effective in generating leads and also in enhancing brand visibility and driving buyer engagement. Samples

Q&A  – a question and answer–style write-up that involves interview with key persons within the industry. The Q&A sessions are based on events such as introductions of new technologies or service concepts, product launches, movements in the industry, release of new standards and telecom sector events such as global conventions. The Q&A is published in both written and video formats. Samples

Info-Survey – a special-format survey which combines giving away information (in the form of infographics, slides, report etc) in return for participation in a survey/research. Info-survey is a two-way information sharing concept where participants receive quick insights into their favourite topics while the surveyor receives inputs for a research or study. PCC Mobile Broadband offers design and end-to-end management services including the tracking of responses and full reports for all the technology/solution areas covered in our publication. Samples

'5 Minutes' Profile Video – is a special-format video material that features companies within the mobile broadband ecosystem. It is a 5 minute video that covers the company's products and services, deployment experiences, future plans and an overall take on the market that they operate in. The 5 Minutes is typically presented by top executives such as CEOs, CTOs, Chief Evangelists and VPs of Product or Marketing. COMING SOON! 

Topical Videos  - are short videos (approximately 3 - 10 minutes) with an engaging and insightful narration/explanation on relevant topics from the mobile broadband segment. These videos include animated clips, video presentations and interviews, and may contain promotional materials. Check out #TopTechVideos compilation by The Fast Mode


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