#Innovatefaster On-Demand Seminar Series


M Prushothma Rao, CEO and Founder, The Fast Mode
Tara Neal, Executive Editor and Telecom Strategist, The Fast Mode
Subject Matter Experts
Vendor Representatives

What are On-Demand Seminars?

Attendees' Representative/Organizer sets the objectives and Areas of Coverage. They choose the venue and the time. We come in to deliver award winning seminars developed to meet their exact needs. 

What are the Areas of Coverage?

Includes the entire array of new service innovations being introduced by MNOs covering: Shared Plans, Short Term Passes, Pre-paid Data, Wi-Fi Services, Roaming Offers, Roll-over Data, Sponsored Data, Location-based Services, Loyalty/Reward Programs, VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling, LTE Multicast, Rich Communication Services, Cloud Services, Content Bundling, Mobile Payments, Mobile Money, OTT Video and OTT TV, OTT Music Services, Connected Car Plans, Connected Home Plans, Smart City Services and Enterprise M2M/IoT Services.

What is the Scope of Coverage?

By each service: Overall Service Definition and Major Service Components,  5 Year Forecast on Take-Up and Revenues, Delivery Ecosystem including Third Party Collaborations and Partnerships, High-Level Solution Design, Monetization Models and Product Strategies, Use Cases Development, Case Studies, Deployments & Service Delivery Models e.g. Network Infrastructure, Apps, Integration, and Business Operation Challenges

How Long is a Seminar?

Depends on the area of coverage. Typically one day (about 6 hours) for up to 3 coverage areas. (Recommended)

Who are these Seminars targeted for?

Anyone interested in keeping tab of the development of new services in the telco space especially the intensification of Service Providers' and Mobile Operators’ initiatives in Digital Services (Operator TV, Music and Digital Library services), Mobile Commerce (Mobile Money and Mobile Payments), Internet-of-Things (Mobile Operators' Cloud, Analytics and Apps to track every ‘thing’ that is connected to the Internet) and the shift to LTE for voice communications (VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi, LTE Multicast, RCS etc) .

MNOs, MVNOs, ISPs, Digital Service Providers, Content Providers, Digital Media Companies, MCommerce Providers, App Developers, Wireless Infrastructure Providers and relevant Public Sector Organizations likely to benefit the most. 

Maximum attendees per Seminar is 70. 

How much do the Seminars cost?

Seminars are charged a fixed rate (regardless of number of attendees) and comprise speaker/presenter fees, travel costs and accommodation charges (if necessary) and tax.

Are there any specific solutions/technologies which will be showcased?

Yes, we will introduce at least 2-3 solutions/technologies available in the market place and share other information that will facilitate decision making/ selection of of best fitting solutions.

Which countries in Asia are these seminars offered?

The Seminars are currently offered in India(Mumbai, Bangalore and other major cities), Burma(Yangdon), Thailand (Bangkok), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Singapore, Indonesia (Jakarta), Hong Kong, Japan(Tokyo and major cities) and China(major cities).

How do I get more information about these seminars?

Email andrea@thefastmode.com 

Technologies/Solution Segments


Policy and Charging Control

Carrier Network Virtualization

Mobile Network Optimization

Mobile Video Solutions

Mobile and Network Security

Wi-Fi and Small Cells