LTE Multicast

LTE Multicast allows for content to be delivered to multiple devices through a select cell site or a cluster of cell sites. Based on evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) standards, LTE Multicast efficiently uses spectrum resources as its allows the same copy of content to be sent to multiple users instead of sending multiple copies of the same content to multiple users.

LTE Multicast enables the delivery of rich content in select venues or to a defined geographical area. The technology helps to enhance subscriber experience during sporting events where large crowds gather in stadiums and where live telecast of the event can be delivered to their mobile devices concurrently. LTE Multicast also helps disseminating critical information during disasters and also to reach residents of an area. The technology can also be extended to other applications such as to power digital signage, to provide software updates, and to deliver telematic services. 




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