Quadplay refers to service providers’ suite of services that covers telephony, television, fixed Internet and mobile Internet services.

Quadplay offerings came about through the natural evolution in communication and IT technologies. With the introduction of dial-up Internet service on top of the plain old telephony service (POTs), telecom service providers started offering dual services – telephony and Internet. The dial-up fixed Internet service was later superseded by Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service that also ran on the POTs infrastructure.

The advent of fiber broadband Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) saw both POTs and GPON running alongside each other. With fiber broadband, service providers were able to offer TV content via IPTV services. This gave rise to service providers’ triple-play offering comprising telephony, IPTV and fixed Internet services.

Fiber broadband also enabled service providers to deliver voice services on IP(VoIP) and in an increasing number of premises, the new VoIP services saw the gradual phasing out of POTs service.

With some service providers also launching their mobile services, all four services - telephony, IPTV, fixed Internet and mobile voice and Internet came to be provided by a single provider, advancing tripleplay to quadplay.

Mobile Network Operators can also deliver quadplay services leveraging mobile data and fixed wireless access (FWA)technologies. This is enabled by its voice portfolio (circuit-switched voice, VoLTE, Voice over Wi-Fi and OTT voice) and the rollout of MNOs’ own OTT TV services in addition to high-speed mobile data services such as LTE and LTE-A and its wireless broadband service, all of which allow MNOs to also offer telephony, voice, mobile Internet and fixed Internet services under a single plan. 

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