2015 Webinar Series - The Connected Car

2015 Webinar Series - The Connected Car PCC Mobile Broadband

Operators’ income from the Connected Car is expected to grow 21 times more compared to the revenue growth from their voice and data services. By 2018, Operators will be raking in $16.9 billion from Connected Car services. At present, the connected car is already contributing 90% of operators’ M2M revenue.

With the Connected Car becoming a major revenue source for mobile Operators and with the expectation that by 2020, 90% of cars on the road will be connected, Operators are looking into ways to monetize the huge growth in this segment not only by providing connectivity, but also by delivering a host of telematics and infotainment services.  The car’s connected digital screen is already included as another device in today’s shared plan and content packages and Operators are moving fast to establish partnerships with auto-makers, content providers and other global operators to stay ahead in the game. What Operators are looking at given the many models by which connectivity is delivered into the vehicle - including digital platforms that work with mobile phones to share the devices’ connectivity with other screens in the car and third party devices that can be plugged into the car’s system to activate telematics-based applications - is that the faster they tap into this market, the bigger the opportunity for them to influence the market for the ‘Connected Car’ and  to acquire a bigger market share in this space.

‘The Connected Car’ : Webinar Series aims to highlight the best solutions and technologies within the Operators’ Connected Car ecosystem that can be leveraged to roll out various Connected Car services. These solutions will help Operators to devise their own Connected Car packages and content bundles, implement real-time contextual delivery of the content and deliver multiple services to multiple end-users via split billing and dynamic charging capabilities. This enables various parties including the driver, the content provider, the insurance company, the automaker and the regulatory authority to leverage a single connection to meet their needs ranging from access to in-vehicle infotainment service, to delivering sponsored data services, to accessing the vehicle telematicsand driver behaviour information and finally, to delivering vehicle tracking and monitoring service.  

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