Let Your Avatars Do the Talking, Smith Micro Lines Up Latest Characters via AniMates

Let Your Avatars Do the Talking, Smith Micro Lines Up Latest Characters via AniMates

Fancy a makeover? Then, you will definitely like what Smith Micro brought to market last week. Smith Micro, a  provider of mobile solutions for the management of wireless networks, unveiled the new AniMates™ mobile messaging app that allows users to create their own virtual avatars and communicate in the virtual space as these characters. 

According to Smith Micro, the avatars are created using the award-winning animation technology and content creators, rolling in characters which can perform a lot of actions that users would like to do in the virtual space, everytime they are chatting, messaging and sharing online with their friends. The app also comes with scenic backgrounds and voice effects that are able to create dynamic characters that users can transform into. More interestingly, the new app has just pushed the old boundaries in online and mobile messaging by letting users share messages with anyone, including those without the app installed on their devices.

Smith Micro also stated that the AniMates which was collaboratively developed by engineering teams from Smith Micro's CommSuite® carrier-grade messaging platform and its award-winning Anime Studio® animation software enables users to send and receive talking character messages for free, choose from a growing library of characters and backgrounds, customize their own images, add voice effects, see and manage messages from other AniMates users through an inbox view, share messages with anyone via email, SMS or Facebook and easily access contacts through the phone address book. AniMates is already available on the Google Play™ store for mobile users in the U.S. and Canada, with both free and premium content and will extend to other devices and regions in near future.

"AniMates represents a unique combination of our core competencies in 2D/3D digital design software and carrier-grade mobile messaging, bringing a compelling new experience to the Android market. But what really makes AniMates unique is the content -- we're cultivating a fantastic library of characters and backgrounds from an artist community of thousands who have used our animation software for years. There will be no limit to the creativity and diversity that users will be able to enjoy with AniMates characters."

William W. Smith, Jr., CEO, Smith Micro

"The problem with messaging apps today is you have to download a dozen of them to communicate with your entire network of friends, family, colleagues, etc., who are all using different apps with varying levels of personalization. We wanted to address that problem in two ways: first, AniMates users can send messages to anyone so your contacts don't have to install the app to view messages; second, AniMates can be bundled into other messaging apps, allowing developers to provide a rich, diverse library of content from their own platforms so users can express themselves wherever and however they like." 

- Vinay Chandra, Vice President of Product Management, Smith Micro

"We're incredibly proud to have top-notch digital artists creating AniMates content using our animation products. These are people who design for Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and major retail brands, and they believe in our vision for AniMates as the ultimate in personalized, fun, easy-to-share mobile messaging. But the key to engaging communities globally is offering localized content, which we will achieve by opening up content creation to digital artists worldwide. Our goal is to harness the talent of millions of users of our animation tools to create a content library that is unequaled in the industry."

 Steve Yatson, Vice President of Productivity and Graphics Solutions, Smith Micro


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