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[Forum] Mobile TV - Is there Space in the TV Market for Operators?

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[Forum] Mobile TV - Is there Space in the TV Market for Operators? Image Credit: PCC Mobile Broadband

Mobile TV service is an enticing idea, especially with the number of videos watched today on mobile devices. 

In the last few months, operators have started offering Mobile TV services - where customers can opt for a tenure-based or channel-based subscription that allows them to watch a wide variety of movies and shows throughout the day. The service does not eat into the customers' monthly data quota and Operators optimize their content delivery channels such that their mobile TV service takes up minimal bandwidth on the network by leveraging video delivery technologies such as compression, caching and optimization.  

Given that TV services such as IPTV service, cable TV, satellite TV, traditional broadcasting and the 24X7 online video subscription channels provided by the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and VUDU are all very well established and hold dominant shares across various market segments, can Operators take on the competition, establish their niche and drive revenues in the mobile TV market?