Stop the Shock in Real Time...

18 January 2014
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Openet, a global leader of high performance transaction management software for network operators, has published an infographics on Bill Shock, depicting various usage scenarios that lead to Bill Shock as well as the anticipated data explosion, customer service implications and ready solutions in managing it.

Stop the Shock in Real Time

Stop the Shock in Real Time :CLICK for the the Full Version


'Consumer dependence on mobile access is evolving at a rapid pace. Subscribers have become so dependent on staying connected that access has migrated from a desire to a necessity, often leading to unexpected data charges on their next bill. Subscribers who spend the majority of their battery life streaming video, downloading music or using apps while not connected to WI-FI are prone to exceeding their monthly data limit. In an effort to calm the waters with these subscribers experiencing bill shock, operators must make data charges easier to track at home and abroad as well as seek solutions to enhance the subscriber experience and create stronger customer loyalty long term'

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