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Mobile Broadband Services and Solutions Development

We assist our clients in accelerating and creating new pathways to increase ARPU and market share for the mobile broadband segment. Our industry leading specialists in Policy and Charging Control (PCC) help broadband service providers to map out the development of new services on an end-to-end basis, right from the design to the eventual roll-out of the services in the market. 

Our services include the development of frameworks to cover new and enhanced mobile data services, leveraging on our large repository of mobile broadband use cases and our extensive experience working with a wide range of solution providers to develop some of the most innovative products and services in the broadband segment. Via assessment of the current architecture and the system components, we ascertain the adequacy of existing components to meet the envisaged future state and produce comprehensive reengineering plans to deliver the new systems and architecture and make recommendations for new deployments, upgrades and overall network optimization.

Our architectural innovations go beyond the pre-defined standards in the industry, such as the 3GPP, enabling us to deliver solutions with a clear competitive edge. To enable our clients to remain agile and responsive to the fast changing marketplace, our solutions encompass wide-range service enablers that include elements such as subscriber engagement, analytics engines and integration to over-the-top (OTT) applications and third party content.

  Services Development encompasses the design and specification of new services, new plans and bundling strategies.   Solutions Development covers the high-level design of the required solution comprising functionaility   and capability requirements; and framework (for) and selection of     best-fitting technologies, systems, hardware components and software applications.  

Solutions Deployment covers the High-level Strategy for Roll-out of the solution encompassing the end-to-end implementation processes and methodology, implementation master plan and key implementation milestones.




Network Cost Savings covers Strategy and High-level Implementation Plans for Capex and Opex Reduction on network components such as RAN, Backhaul and Packet Core and the Internet Exchange costs via intelligent services and traffic control policies and 3rd party solutions.


















We address the different phases involved in the development of the broadband products/services by selecting the approach that best fits the requirements of our clients:






Current State Strategy and Technical Assessment for identification of Gaps and New Products/Services Opportunities and Solution O


  High Level Designing and Experimentation using selected solutions; Includes Internal User Testing and Concept Demonstrations  

Delivery of High Level Technical and Strategy Recommendations for the development and implementation of new services and their corresponding solutions, including selection of vendors and deployment methods



Delivery of Project Direction and High Level Implementation Steering, including Deployment Planning, Milestone Setting, Progress Tracking and Risk Mitigation. 

  End-to-end delivery of the solution, from design to implementation and deployment and full project management in collaboration with selected solution vendors and other external partners  


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