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Wi-Fi Alliance Works on Guidelines for LTE-U Coexistence

Clock 5 November 2015
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Wi-Fi Alliance Works on Guidelines for LTE-U Coexistence Image Credit: WiFi Aliiance

In an effort to advance dialogue and understanding about fair spectrum sharing by LTE-U devices, Wi-Fi Alliance, this week hosted a Coexistence Test Workshop that saw the participation of US' largest mobile operator, Verizon, along with major digital service providers and vendors, including Amazon, Broadcom, Dell, Ericsson, Gibson Brands, Google, Intel, NTT, Qualcomm, Toyota and Verizon.

The development of Coexistence Guidelines is one of several important elements to help resolve concerns related to Wi-Fi and LTE-U coexistence without regulatory intervention, said the Wi-Fi Alliance. It added that it is taking action in a variety of ways to encourage the industry to address concerns related to unlicensed spectrum coexistence, and to help protect billions of users who rely on Wi-Fi every day from being adversely affected by LTE-U.

According to Wi-Fi Alliance, it will release an initial set of LTE Coexistence Simulation and Testing Guidelines, which will ultimately provide a harmonized approach to characterizing how well LTE-U devices coexist with Wi-Fi. When completed, the Wi-Fi Alliance Coexistence Guidelines will provide a common foundation on which to determine fair sharing behaviors of all LTE-U devices, regardless of brand.

Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance
Wi-Fi has been a model of good unlicensed spectrum stewardship, and we expect similar etiquette from all technologies sharing that spectrum. Cooperation among a broad cross-section of industry provides the best opportunity to deliver a viable solution for fair coexistence.

Ray is The Fast Mode's editor and content director. Ray has covered the wireless industry as a writer for more than 10 years, focusing on technology and business aspects of the telecoms sector. Ray can be reached at ray.sharma(at) Follow Ray at


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