Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management in the 5G Era - Interview with WeDo at WUGAsia18

5 February 2018
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Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management in the 5G Era - Interview with WeDo at WUGAsia18

The telecom industry, having evolved tremendously from a single service – the traditional telephony - to a plethora of new services built and delivered on advancements brought by 4G and 5G, virtualization and the cloud, sees its players, including Tier-1 CSPs managing new levels of complexities where revenue assurance and overall risk management are becoming increasingly important for long term sustainability. 

Part of the sustainability hinges on how well telecom operators are able to detect and address leakages, as well as security and fraud threats surrounding the business as they expand into newer and more advanced service offerings in areas such as the Internet of Things/M2M with innovative service plans that run on heterogeneous networks, delivered on multiple devices through various flexible charging plans and offered and managed on multiple channels.

These themes were discussed in depth on the 24 and 25th of January in a two-day WeDo Technologies User Group convention(WUGAsia18) held in Kuala Lumpur which was participated by more than 27 Operators from the Asia Pacific region. WeDo, a market leader in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management software solutions to Telecom, Media and Technology sectors brought together industry experts to share their experiences and knowhow on various interesting topics among others, risks and opportunities arising from digital transformation, automation of revenue assurance processes, detection of data charging bypass and methodologies to handle social engineering and international revenue share fraud (IRSF).

During the WUGAsia18, The Fast Mode’s Founder, M Prushothma Rao interviewed WeDo’s Chief Operating Officer and one of its Founders - João Moita, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer - Bernardo Galvão Lucas and APAC’s Business Development Manager - Miguel Lopes, on the developments and emerging trends in the revenue assurance and fraud management space and the challenges that await Operators on this front.

Watch the full interview here (please note: video recorded on-site via handheld smart phone): 

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