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Robi Axiata Grows Revenues from Mobile Data Services by 90% with Innovative Pricing Plans and Dynamic Self-Care


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Case Study : Integrated Policy and Charging Control for Postpaid & Prepaid


Tango Telecom’s customer, Robi Axiata Ltd, wanted to increase mobile data usage amongst its subscriber base, to drive revenues and to grow its market share.  The operator wished to deliver choice, flexibility and visibility to its 24 million subscribers in order to stimulate mobile data usage and monetise its 3G network.


Launch Plans in MinutesThe main requirement was for an integrated standards-based Policy Control and Charging Platform for handling both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.  The existing camel-based charging system was limited to volume-based charging only and could not provide the flexibility, the ease of operation and the service velocity needed to execute the desired sophisticated data plans and promotions.  Robi also wished to manage its own data plans inhouse and to launch disruptive plans such as time based plans, service-specific plans, turbo-boosts and tiered service level packages into the marketplace on a regular basis without requiring an arduous and lengthy change request process.

The operator selected Tango Telecom’s Data Retail Engine, the Tango DRE™ because we offered the highest levels of features, performance, scalability and flexibility in the market.  We also offered the most extensive range of out-of-box use-cases, ensuring a significant time to market advantage for the operator.



Tango Telecom deployed the Tango DRE™ including its Policy Controller, Data Plan Manager and Self-Care Manager enabling Robi to rapidly create and launch highly innovative mobile data plans and promotions such as tiered service level packages, zero-rating, social media usage, volume and time-based quotas, pay-per-use packages such as Bandwidth on Demand.  The operator’s marketing team create and implement all mobile data plans and promotions, revising existing plans and launching new plans daily in response to market demands. 

·         Reduce the time to market of new plans and promotions from months to minutes with Tango Telecom’s Data Plan Manager GUI

·         Offer subscribers dedicated Quality of Service levels depending on plans/add-ons purchased

·         Enable subscribers (prepaid and postpaid) to easily select and purchase data plans relevant to their needs

·         Manage multiple concurrent plans/add-ons per subscriber

·         Provide dynamic on-demand self-care options through the Self-Care Manager and online interfaces ™

The open architecture of Tango Telecom’s solution offered ease of integration and the swiftest of deployment times requiring the minimum effort from the operator for this on premise deployment. 



Growing data usage and an improved customer experience powered by the Tango DRE™ has enabled Robi to significantly increase both its revenues and its market share. 

Robi has implemented over 400 data plans including hourly, daily and weekly volume-based passes, QoS based plans, Facebook Access plans and Bandwidth on Demand. 

Tango Telecom’s highly intuitive GUI for service creation and implementation enables the operator’s own marketing team to quickly and easily create and launch new plans and promotions in response to ever-changing market demands without assistance from Tango Telecom.

Robi’s subscriber acquisition outpaced the competition by a factor greater than 2 to 1.  The mobile data revenues have grown by 90%, with the average number of internet days per subscriber increasing  from 1.5 per month to 6 in last 6 months.  The operator expects to double this usage rate in the next 2 months.

Robi continues to experience steady growth in mobile data revenues with over 1 million new plans purchased daily.


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