Syntonic, AT&T Deliver Sponsored Content via Freeway Service, Expedia and Frank vs. God Become Early Sponsors

28 October 2014
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Frank vs. God Trailer Delivered Via Sponsored Content Image Credit: BBA Studios Inc

Looks like the era of sponsored data has begun. Syntonic, a provider of sponsored data and connected services, has just announced that they will give away free data on their Freeway service which features both free and premium mobile content. By downloading the Freeway app on an Apple or Samsung device, users can stream all the free content on Freeway without incurring any data charges. Users can also pay for the premium content it offers, but connection charges remain free. 

Syntonic said that its new service is powered by the company's Connected Service Platform, a cloud-based content delivery and access system. According to Syntonic, its administrative portal enables sponsors to update their content, change offers, evaluate data usage and manage their sponsorship while reaching their target audience and delivering their messages. 

With sponsored content now a reality, players in this space will be exploring on how free data can be leveraged to drive the takeup of premium content and deliver digital services including mobile advertising, mobile commerce and location based services.  Syntonic has already signed-up, Expedia's online travel site and the new movie Frank vs.God onto Freeway. As sponsors, their content (in this case the travel information from Expedia and movie trailer from Frank vs. God) can be accessed by mobile users on the Freeway App without them having to pay for the data charges. 

Syntonic is already working with AT&T, making Freeway available for AT&T 4G mobile subscribers on the iOS and Android mobile devices. With AT&T kickstarting the partnerships with mobile operators, other service providers are expected to jump on the sponsored content bandwagon, capitalizing on the demand for free data while using the content provided by Freeway to pull in the crowds and deliver a host of other digital services. 

Gary Greenbaum, CEO, Syntonic 
Expedia and other content providers are now openly recognizing the business value of content bundled with 4G connectivity,” said . “In addition to major content brands, our Freeway by Syntonic service continues to gain interest from mobile carriers in the U.S. and abroad, device manufacturers, and content owners such as online retailers, game publishers and others. It’s clear to us that they understand the benefits and emerging business opportunities that our technology platform can bring to the entire wireless ecosystem and their customers.

Scott Schill, Producer, Frank vs. God
As an independent studio with limited marketing resources we struggle getting broad attention for our films. Syntonic opens up a cost-efficient content delivery and promotional channel for broadly distributing our film trailers and engaging our audience, which we think will help drive more movie goers to the theater for our new film Frank vs. God.


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