HTC Owners Can Now Join Other Mirrorlink Users for Connected Car Access

HTC Owners Can Now Join Other Mirrorlink Users for Connected Car Access Credit:HTC

HTC smartphone owners can now join other smartphone users in accessing their phone via their car dashboards while driving, based on the recent announcement by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization of 94 members dedicated to developing global standards for phone-centric car connectivity solutions. CCC's hallmark Mirrorlink technology has seen big smartphone giants and large auto-makers incorporating the Mirrorlink technology across their devices and car models so that drivers can continue using their smartphones safely and with enhanced in-vehicle experience when they are on the road.

According to CCC's statement, HTC, which is one of the top mobile device makers in the world has enabled its HTC One (M8) model to be Mirrorlink compatible, which means that when HTC drivers onboard cars fitted with the Mirrorlink enabled interface, their devices will automatically connect to the car's platform (via wire plug-in or Bluetooth connection) and applications available on their smartphones can now be accessed from the touch-screen on the dashboard and via buttons and knobs placed strategically within the driver's reach. CCC said that with HTC coming on board, Mirrorlink will be distributed to millions of users across the globe and will enable the technology to achieve wider adoption across more car and device models.

The HTC One (M8), which features various other advanced functionalities including the Smart Sensor Hub, Motion Launch controls, Duo Camera and HTC BoomSound™ was lauched earlier this year. The car connectivity feature is expected to be rolled out to more HTC devices in near future.

 “HTC’s commitment to creating a holistic user experience now extends from its smartphone origins to cars, with the power to enhance lifestyles for smartphone users and drivers alike. The HTC One (M8) device’s signature new technologies – HTC Sense® 6 and Motion Launch™– focus on anticipating users’ needs and making everyday tasks easier. MirrorLink fits squarely within the spirit of this functionality by providing a seamless and responsible method of accessing smartphone content behind the wheel.”

-  Andy Lee, Automotive Director,HTC 

"The CCC’s number-one priority is handset availability. That said, this is the start of major movement to come as CCC member companies already have the largest market share of cars and smartphones of all industry ventures on car-smartphone connectivity. The HTC one (M8) places MirrorLink in the hands of even more drivers, bringing the CCC much closer to its vision of MirrorLink becoming the de facto global standard for car-smartphone connectivity.”

-  ,Alan Ewing, President and Executive Director, CCC

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