Why Technology Blogs Need Not be All About Technology?

Here's the background to the topic. In one of our brainstorming sessions here at PCC Mobile Broadband a couple of weeks ago, we came up with the idea of opening a blog segment for our readers, which means that registered readers with blogging access can just log in, start their own blog page and make blog posts. In fact, according to our ace webmaster, who set the whole thing up in less than two days, readers can even have their own customized url, for example, mine will be ‘www.policychargingcontrol/author/taraneal’. The page will list all their blog posts with pictures, tweets, attachments and will carry a full profile write-up (to any length one fancies) with links to linkedin, facebook, twitter and of course, the must-have profile picture. The discussion went on to cover the overall look and feel of the segment and the kind of content readers may expect and also contribute to.

At this point, I, being rather overwhelmed with the kind of technological depth and breadth that our team covers in our daily news operations (there will be a discussion about how network functions virtualization can substantially transform network management and orchestration and 10 minutes later, there will be a heated debate if the ‘applications delivery network’ should be a standalone segment or be part of a larger technology vertical), thought that maybe by allowing some space on the proposed blog for technology enthusiasts who would like to share their views from a non-technology point of view - for example, on service provider monetization models and revenue strategies, strategic partnerships between the various players in the ecosystem, impact of extended connectivity on our daily activities, its effect on business operations and creation of new industry verticals or restructuring of existing economic sub-sectors, the transformation of today's schools, hospitals and even human relationships - can open up the blogging space to a lot more topics that relate to mobile broadband technologies and solutions we so frequently discuss and cover, but from an entirely different perspective.

One of the major reasons why such discussions are highly relevant at this point in time is that with the digitalization of the networks, creating new services, offering new product bundles and delivering more content has become a constant feature, with the market seeing new service innovations being rolled out at such a fast pace. The question though is whether operators can effectively monetize every service innovation that technology enables, which in turn leads to the most important question in the open-market setting – what is the demand for these services and how can service providers anticipate which revenue segment will pick up and deliver the expected returns? The understanding of consumers’ appetite for data, for applications and content, and their willingness to pay for certain services but not for others is proving to be more important as service providers take on huge bets in network investments to introduce newer services for their subscribers.

Bottom line, we want to create the biggest possible blogging space for our readers. With the phenomenal growth in mobile services – mobile commerce, mobile entertainment, OTT services and the mobile content itself – this space is just getting bigger and bigger and we have only started to talk about things like IoT-based fish farm management system (SK Telecom has just rolled that one out this week). So, by extending our topics to all things broadband and broadband-enabled, we might be sharing the very insights that everyone needs to keep up with.

And as it is with any idea, it is not proven until it’s tested in the marketplace (exactly the verdict as our team discussion drew to a conclusion) and the thing about testing it in the marketplace is really about how much effort is put in it to make it happen. So, here I am, with our effort number 1, creating the first blog post in this ‘My Take’ segment, before the team goes out and starts publicizing the idea to people who hopefully (a real big hope there) would be just as eager to publish a post or two, so that as the idea-person behind this whole ‘making-space-for-more-things-broadband’, I can take pride in giving it a try and kicking it off big time! “In a new era where all things are digitally connected, ICT, including IoT, can raise productivity and bring innovation to traditional industries. SK Telecom is committed to using the company’s leading technological edge to enhance national competitiveness and revitalize local economies”.

Executive Editor of The Fast Mode | 5G | IoT/M2M | Telecom Strategy | Mobile Data Innovations 

Tara Neal covers stories on strategies and initiatives in the Digital Telco space, and anchors the 5G and IoT/M2M verticals on the publication. Tara holds a First Class Honours in BSc Accounting and Finance from The London School of Economics, UK and is a CFA charterholder from the CFA Institute, United States. Tara has over 20 years experience in technology and business strategy.

Follow her on Twitter @taraneal11, LinkedIn @taraneal11, Facebook or email her at tara.neal@thefastmode.com.


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