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[Forum] Are Operator OTT Services Capable of Rivalling the OTT Giants?

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[Forum] Are Operator OTT Services Capable of Rivalling the OTT Giants? Image Credit: PCC Mobile Broadband

Can Mobile Operators roll out their own OTT services - taking the behemoths of the OTT world head-on after losing a good chunk of their revenues to these players? Mobile Operators have in the last few years launched their own Chat and Voice OTTs and have ventured to create their own Mobile TV services and OTT Music Services in partnership with popular online content brands. In their bid to increase their margins and expand their subscriber base, will their efforts to develop, launch and manage their own OTT services deliver the goals expected of them? Or, is it a strategy that only suits some markets and some operators and may be very challenging for others?

Looking ahead, VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling promise to recover revenues lost to third party OTT voice and messaging applications, while the advent of rich communication services may attract new markets altogether. On the content end, third party OTT video and music providers are beefing up their content offers with the widest choices and are offering the most competitive prices (Amazon Prime, Netflix). With these developments, is it timely for operators to introduce their own OTT services and if yes, are Mobile Operators equipped with the right capabilities and business models to create profitable business streams?