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Traffic Management Trends That Will Shape the Mobile Industry in 2017

Clock 4 February 2017
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An Exclusive Read for Mobile Operators

As we head into another year and inevitably another gathering at Mobile World Congress, a great question to ask is “what’s likely to change in the next 12 months?" and of course "so what?"

This briefing paper answers both questions from the perspective of mobile operators seeking to manage and monetize data traffic streams. Marketing, technology and business executives need to quickly grasp key trends that will profoundly impact bottom lines across the network services industry in 2017. 

This report will help jump-start your thinking:

 - Why traditional DPI is a Dead Piece of Investment in 2017

 - The phenomenal growth of encryption in 2017

 - Taming the growing dominance of QUIC NFV virtualized networks finally arrive in 2017

 - Navigating the oncoming flood of IoT traffic – could IoT kill the internet?

With comments from leading analysts at Strategy Analytics and ABI Research. 

Please note that this exclusive e-book is only available to those working for or within mobile operators

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