Add Value to SD-WAN with DPI

Add Value to SD-WAN with DPI

Digital Journey to Digital Destination: 10 Ways to Better Engage Subscribers

Is Facebook Video Poised to Overtake YouTube? – The Mobile Video Crown is Up for Grabs

7 months ago
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An Exclusive Read for Mobile Operators

Based on data from over 30 mobile operators, our Mobile Video Index will inform you of what's really happening in mobile networks today. And the results may surprise you!

The challenge to mobile network operators to drive data revenues and manage subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) has never been greater. And yet many operators are building out infrastructure based on an incomplete picture of the mobile data trends that are actually taking place.

  • ✔   Is it true that Facebook Video is set to overtake YouTube?
  • ✔   Mobile video could increase 9-fold, and HD on mobile is driving growth faster and further than predictions suggested.
  • ✔   The onslaught of QUIC threatens to outpace anything the industry has seen.
  • ✔   Levels of encrypted traffic continue to soar – how can mobile operators manage what they can’t see?
  • ✔   And what are subscribers actually DOING with mobile video - just how picky are they when it comes to quality of experience?

Please note that this exclusive e-book is only available to those working for or within mobile operators

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