Turning Big Data into Smart Data to Drive CEM

Operators can provide improved Customer Experience Management(CEM) by having a full view of all customers’ experiences at all touch points. This includes understanding the context of events (such as a network fault) and who is affected. Increasingly this is a big data issue. However, to date big data has not delivered the expected benefits. In order for this to happen big data needs to be turned into smart data.

Openet's new whitepaper 'Turning Big Data into Smart Data to Drive Customer Experience Management' examines how all the data that resides within Operators' systems can be utilized to produce insights that will help Operators significantly enhance their subscribers' experience.

The white paper explains, among others, how:

  • To get an end to end view of all customer data and understand customer context;
  • To transform and enrich this data to improve CEM through context aware care and marketing;
  • Big data preparation turns big data into smart data and transform the time to value; and
  • Real-time offer systems can close the CEM loop with contextual aware offers.

An excerpt from 'Turning Big Data into Smart Data to Drive Customer Experience Management' white paper:


" Big data and analytics are now being used to evaluate customer self-care apps, websites and workflows to determine their effectiveness. This can include analyzing customers’ social media feeds to determine what messages they’re posting about their experience of self-care. The results are used to improve the self-care app or website experience, and optionally present offers or ads at appropriate points in the self-care workflows."

Dive into the details on how Operators can transform their data into actionable insights and the best means to achieve this. Download the free white paper now.      

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