Operator Survey on the Move to Digital

Who are today the Mobile Operator’s biggest competitors? Are they the other Mobile Operators, or can it be Over-the-Top (OTT) players or MVNOs or maybe, Wi-Fi Service Providers? Given the competitive landscape Mobile Operators are operating in, are they confident of staying ahead in the game, protecting current revenues and growing newer ones? Openet’s recent Research Paper ‘Operator Survey on the Move to Digital’ has the answers to all these questions, and many other interesting insights on the survival of the Mobile Operator's business in the digital age.

The research paper which is based on the results of a survey of 101 Mobile Operators highlights the major factors giving Mobile Operators the competitive edge against other players competing for a share in the connectivity, and more importantly, the digital services market.

With the advent of digitalization, many traditional services such as TV, video, marketing, commerce, health, education and even communications are moving to digital channels, and more money is now being spent on the digital alternatives of these services delivered via simple apps onto mobile devices, in real-time and with a high degree of personalization. The digital services market hence forms a lucrative business that Mobile Operators are eyeing on, to create new revenue streams and enhance existing ones. In this regard, the research paper provides a comprehensive view of new revenue sources Mobile Operators are focusing on, including quad-play offers and IoT services.

At the same time, digital channels have also become powerful means by which customer engagement and long term customer relationships can be formed and enhanced. According to the research, despite the high percentage of Mobile Operators providing their own Apps, many Mobile Operators still think that their Apps fall short in terms of the functionalities and services they could actually offer, given the popularity of Apps for today’s mobile users. The research paper provides the long list of functions that Mobile Operators’ want to offer to capitalize on the reach of their mobile Apps and points to the importance of providing customers a one-stop platform on which they can manage the entire suite of services provided by the Mobile Operator.


The research paper also shares the main challenges faced by Mobile Operators in taking on the competition in the digital space, with agility ranking as a top concern as more Mobile Operators expect to accelerate their time-to-market with the assistance of solutions that enable them to respond to market demand in as fast as hours, days and weeks, instead of months and years.

The research paper also outlines the biggest BSS obstacle in Operator's move to digital, including:

  • The lenghty timeline for major system transformation, for example, billing transformation

  • Long and costly adaptation of legacy systems to digital services 

  • Capex and OpEx Budget reduction

  • Insufficient IT Resources

.. and others

Get these information and many other invaluable insights on Mobile Operators' move to digital. Openet's 'Operator Survey on the Move to Digital' research paper is now available for free download.

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