Digital Journey to Digital Destination: 10 Ways to Better Engage Subscribers

Digital Journey to Digital Destination: 10 Ways to Better Engage Subscribers Image Credit: Openet

Mobile operators are beginning to embrace the challenge of becoming a subscriber’s digital companion throughout the day. Driving engagement with operator provided digital services is now a strategic corporate KPI. Increasing engagement and time spent on these apps have been proven to increase digital services revenue and NPS. By incorporating a range of digital journeys into their self-care app, they can get closer to their digital destination.

Download this paper to learn about:
  1. About the outsized importance of a speedy digital on boarding journey for the user
  2. How operators can move customers from ‘mostly human to mostly digital’ interactions using levers like content, data sharing and sponsored data
  3. What operators can launch beyond the app and how this impacts Digital Assistants in the home



I came out of reading this latest e-book from Openet as a mobile subscriber (rather than an editor with a review to write), thinking of the experience I am personally losing out on for not having the Operator App privilege. I was thinking of all that waiting I do for snail mail-delivered mobile bills every time I want to make changes to my mobile plans, add a movie pass or top up my quota as these monthly letters are my only source of reference of my subscription details, plan type, data usage, charges and other information including updated service center contact numbers!

Yes, a full-fledged, rich Operator App therefore, is really the way to go. In today’s digital marketplace, anything that comes in the form of an App is automatically many times more visible, accessible and engaging – simply due to its ready appearance on the mobile screen, its always-on mode and its simplified ‘touch-and-transact’ navigation.

This whitepaper superbly illustrates, step-by-step, how a subscriber’s journey is completely transformed when Operator service delivery is moved from emails, calls and service center visits to a single app that can sign-up customers, manage their plans, cross sell new services (including pushing those movie passes) and keep them engaged all day, all month, all year long.

For Operators, this e-book is a must read - it runs through the whole new experience and value Operators can create by offering the Operator App and how they can do this while cutting out much of the back-end overheads. Judging by the way the likes of Facebook and Whatsapp are taking over the digital world, the Operator App privilege is definitely set to retain subscribers, increase their spend and keep them coming back for more.

- Tara Neal, Executive Editor, The Fast Mode



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