Add Value to SD-WAN with DPI

Add Value to SD-WAN with DPI

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The 5G Data Model - 10 New Rules in Data Management

4 months ago
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The 5G Data Model - 10 New Rules in Data Management

Mastering Data Management for the Digital Economy

The digital economy brings with it a new data landscape with mounting challenges due to the sheer volume and veracity of the data coming down the track. By 2020, there will be an estimated 1.5 billion IoT devices driven by cellular connectivity. What’s more, the move to 5G is predicted to cause mobile data traffic to surge by 8 times, reaching 110 exabytes per month by 2023. As such, the accelerated move to Digital, 5G and IoT demands a new approach to data strategy. And fast.

This paper discusses how and why existing data strategies are not fit to handle the data demands impending with 5G and IoT, let alone able to provide the operational efficiencies to truly deliver on data quality and competitive differentiation in a Digital World.

  • Changing the Game Commercially to Support an Evolved Data Strategy
  • 10 Most Critical Challenges for DSPs to Enable Data to Grow Their Business
  • The Openet Data Model – 10 New Rules for Data in 5G
  • The Key Principles of Data Strategy in a Digital World

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