Add Value to SD-WAN with DPI

Add Value to SD-WAN with DPI

Digital Journey to Digital Destination: 10 Ways to Better Engage Subscribers

How to Make Sense of Monetizing Video

11 months ago
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How to Make Sense of Monetizing Video

The video consumption landscape has seen profound change, with customers now demanding a seamless multi-screen experience across Linear, IPTV, VOD and OTT.

Service providers are struggling to understand usage across disparate data sources and viewer engagement across their content portfolio. To add to this, managing and analyzing the data volumes at play now is a crippling endeavour for most service providers – Where the extraction of meaningful data insights is almost a fool’s game. However, this does not have to be the case.

In this paper, we discuss the key pitfalls and challenges currently faced in the market when looking to effectively monetize video services and explore the opportunities at hand in reducing complexity and driving video revenues. 

Download this paper to learn more about:

  • Current Road Blocks for Content Providers
  • Stemming the Tide – Simplifying the Big Data Dilemma
  • Bridging the Data Gap – Extracting Value from Viewership Data
  • Analytics for Content Strategy – Empowering the Operator in Content Acquisition
  • The Role of Real-Time in Effective Video Monetization

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