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Changing the Game: Fixing the Broken Operator/ Vendor Model

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Changing the Game: Fixing the Broken Operator/ Vendor Model

All vendors talk about enabling telcos to change and disrupt the market. However, in reality the vast majority of vendors are still living in the dark ages when it comes to enabling change. For many, it’s not in their interest to drive change as this means shorter service contracts, reduced licence fees and removing the shackles of vendor lock-in.

If you are interested in disruptive ways to change the operator / vendor relationship to a more equitable partnership, and not one heavily weighted in the vendors’ favour, then download this paper to learn:

  • How can new tech advances be leveraged to deliver faster and more agile solutions
  • What options are there for new commercial models that remove costs
  • What are the new delivery options and models that can deliver a faster time to value

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