2015 to Mark MNOs' Transition to Quad-Play Operators and Digital Service Providers - MDS

2015 to Mark MNOs' Transition to Quad-Play Operators and Digital Service Providers - MDS Image Credit: MDS

By Jennifer Fellows,

SVP Product Marketing/p

& Mgt, MDS.

MDS peered intently into the crystal ball to provide our view into future of mobile communications. Here are just a few of our 2015 prognostications, and how we think they could affect our industry.


We expect that the end customer will drive operators to accelerate their metamorphosis to become digital service providers (DSP). This change will be profound and revolutionary. It will alter the way operators think and work across the organization. For example, neglected areas like enterprise/SME will get more attention. They have the money and are looking for the digital services that make their businesses grow. That means that lagging legacy BSS supporting this critical segment will finally be put on notice. The customer has spoken, and the CSP must become a DSP to answer their call.

Jennifer Fellows,
SVP Product Marketing and Management,


With the need to drive more revenue and reach deeper across subscribers, we see the shift to triple and quad play services marching ahead. Recent announcements by BT to acquire mobile services from Telefonica or EE validate this strategy. Not just in the UK, but other regions will see forced consolidation between fixed line and mobile service provider assets. These combinations will radically alter the competitive landscape, and force the new DSPs to step it up.


After lots of talk, the realization will finally hit consumers and providers that that the current mobile data billing paradigm of all you can eat or Gbyte bundles is flawed. Value-based pricing will become a dominant theme for 2015. Many operators will struggle with this transition because they just don’t have the platforms or culture innovation to alter their thinking. New, disruptive players in the market and will radically change the old way of charging. Added to this, the light bulb will go off that “mobile data bytes” must be differentially charged for based on context, QoS or location based on a real-time experience.


Buckle up and get ready, as the first real-time only mobile service providers will launch and upset the market! These new entrants will be agile, innovative and push new concepts out to weary subscribers. These will be the new DSP, and will help hasten the real-time lifestyle. They will move fast and respond to customers in new ways. The incumbent providers will be caught flat-footed in how to respond. These new providers will burst on the scene and capture mindshare and market share.

We think that 2015 will be an exciting year. In many ways, it could become a turning point for how we look at services and our relationships with our service provider. It looks to be a time to turn outward to the end subscriber, focusing on value and innovation.

About The Author:
Jennifer manages product evolution and marketing for our billing and real-time charging solutions. She has more than 20 years' experience in telecoms BSS, real-time charging, mediation and customer management systems. Prior to joining us at MDS, Jennifer held director and VP roles at major billing players, including bcgi, Argent Networks and CSG International, where she oversaw the global deployment of products and exceeded revenue targets. She is an experienced and knowledgeable industry expert, speaking at many conferences and publishing thought-leading industry articles on the key billing and charging market issues.


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