Finland, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, US, Korea Score More than 100% on Wireless Penetration

According to the Organisation of Economic Co-Operation and Development(OECD), the wireless broadband penetration across its 34 member countries has grown 14.6% in the last year to 72.4% or a total of 910 million connections. As 4G LTE coverage becomes more widespread and more rich media content is accessed over wireless networks and mobile devices, the growth in wireless connections in these countries mirror the worldwide trend, where the use of mobile data services continues to surge and in more advanced countries, starts to take over voice and SMS revenues made by mobile operators.


OECD's statistics update showed that 7 countries - Finland, Australia, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Korea and the United States - have wireless penetration rates of more than 100%, meaning that there is at least one wireless connection for every person. OECD also shared details on the fixed wired broadband subscriptions, highlighting that the average penetration in the OECD countries at the end of last year is 27% or 339 million, with DSL technology making up 51.5% of subscriptions and Japan and Korea retaining their top spot in terms of the share of fibre in the fixed broadband connections with figures 69.9% and 64.6% respectively. 

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