CSPs Ready to Monetize Their Big Data, Says Flytxt


PCC Mobile Broadband spoke to Abhay Doshi, VP Product and Marketing, Flytxt on how Communication Service Providers are able to levarage on their repositories of big data to create value for their businesses and subscribers. According to Flytxt, the explosion in mobile data and the rapid increase in mobile content has resulted in CSPs becoming data factories, generating truck loads of big data and small data that await to be translated into 'smart data' which can then fuel various initiatives for internal and external monetization.

According to Abhay, CSPs are able to derive at least 10% value from their big data, and this value is directly proportional to the quality and depth of analytics that is performed. Abhay emphasized that it is important for CSPs to have a single multi-dimensional integrated analytics technology that is able to run all form of analytics on all type of data.

The full video of the interview entitled 'Mobile Data Explosion:Challenges and Opportunities for Big Data' is published as part of PCCMB's Q&A Series.

Typical RoI actually varies by scale size and the use cases that you actually deploy. We have multiple use cases from internal monetization to external monetization, from revenue to customer monetization to insight monetization to sales and distribution to network. But what we have seen so far, where few of our applications are deployed, for single customer we see 2-7% incremental value that we are generating for telecom operators. We believe that opportunity to be anywhere upwards of 10% and the way we charge our customer is – our base philosophy is we deliver at 10X value to you. To put in absolute numbered terms, our typical RoI is around within 3 months or lesser. It depends on the application and size of the operator and the challenges they are facing.

- Abhay Doshi, VP Product and Marketing, FlyTxt

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