Telecom Enterprise (B2B) Market:
Operator Strategies & Key Focus Segments For 2019


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The following are the details of this Course.


  • To understand the landscape and current state of new and emerging telecoms services sector for global enterprises
  • To acquire an understanding of how these services are deployed in terms of the development of ecosystems, delivery models, market segmenting and customer targeting
  • To acquire basic level expertise on the technical aspects of each of the services including basic know-how of latest technologies in this area
  • To obtain insights on similar initiatives by Operators in the region and globally


  • Understanding the IT and Networking Requirements of today’s Global Enterprises in terms of Computing, Storage and Networking needs (and how these are influenced by globalization, regulations, technologies such as IoT/M2M, blockchain, 5G and cloud, rise of digital content, emergence of digital enterprises, etc)
  • Analysis of the major categories of Telecom Services for Global Enterprises covering:
    • Voice (including APIs) and Messaging (including A2P)
    • Data/Internet Service
    • Wireless/Mobility
    • Cloud Services and
    • Managed Services
    in terms of types of services, growth of each segment, drivers of growth, deployment models and potential for future growth
  • Impact of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) on the future of Operator Global Enterprise Services
  • Development of the Ecosystem for Telecom Services for Global Enterprises including Delivery and Partnership models with Master Agents and Carriers
  • Operator Technology and Business Strategies for Enablement of Telecom Services for Global Enterprises including investment in Data Centers, Content Delivery Networks and Partner Market Agreements.


  • Presentations
  • Workshop-Style Case-Study Analysis with Facilitation
  • Pre-training Assignment



  • Virtual Private Network Offering to a Large Enterprise
  • Managed SD-WAN Complements Operator Fiber-based IP-MPLS service
  • SD-WAN Offering for a Large Global Enterprise
  • SD-WAN, VNFs and Cloud Services to Support a Racing Event
  • Virtual Branch Networking
  • Inter-Operator Agreement for SMS services
  • Unified Communication Services in Multiple Countries
  • 100% cloud-based Unified Communication-as-a-Services
  • Cloud-based RCS Business Messaging-as-a-Service
  • End-to-end embedded connectivity solution
  • WiFi Roaming
  • Roaming Agreements with Focus on MNCs
  • Mobility Services for a Global Enterprise
  • Global IoT Roaming Service
  • Inter-Operator Agreement for M2M Management
  • Real-time Vehicle Management Service
  • M2M e-SIM
  • Co-Location for CDN
  • On-Demand, Real-time Private Ethernet Connectivity
  • Private Link Access to Virtual Private Clouds
  • Open Source Edge Compute Platform
  • Cloud-Centric, Software-Driven Network Automation Platform
  • Network Infrastructure and Managed Cloud Services
  • Hybrid Managed Cloud Offerings
  • Integrated Network Solutions