Telecom Digital Services:
Development and Monetization Strategies


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The following are the details of this Course.


  • To understand the landscape and current state of operator digital services
  • To understand the formulation of business strategies for developing these services in the 4G and 5G era
  • To acquire an understanding of how these services are deployed in terms of the development of ecosystems, delivery models, market segmenting and customer targeting
  • To acquire basic level understanding of the technology platforms and technical capabilities required to drive the development of these services
  • To obtain insights on similar initiatives by Operators in the region and globally


  • Current State Analysis of the Global & APAC Telecom Operator (Operator) Digital Services Market including coverage of current trends and future projections, market verticals, market leaders and most commonly deployed services
  • Operator Digital Services vs Over-the-Top (OTT) Service Providers
  • Differentiating Operator Digital Services and Digitalization Plans
  • Modelling of Operator Digital Services using The Fast Mode’s proprietary ‘Feature Stack’ model
  • Technology Strategy for Enablement of Operator Digital Services
    • Business Support Systems (BSS) & Policy and Charging Control (PCC) Systems – enabling additional of new services quickly, enabling convergent billing and enabling multi-play services
    • Enhancements in Radio & Core Networks for IoT/M2M services – enabling a wide range of new services such as smart home, connected car and smart city applications
  • Business Strategy for Operator Digital Services
    • Market Segmentation
    • Pricing
    • Marketing/Promotion
    • Omni-channel
    • Operator- Content Provider Partnerships
  • Additional Topics, if necessary based on the profile of attendees


  • Presentations
  • Workshop-Style Case-Study Analysis with Facilitation
  • Pre-training Assignment



  • Video, Music and Entertainment
  • Mobile Financial Services
  • Mobile Health Services
  • M-Commerce
  • Advertising
  • On-Demand Information & Booking Services
  • Gaming Services
  • Smart Home and Connected Living
  • Consumer Cloud Services