Direct Insights – Feature Stack

PCCMB Direct Insights segment provides at-a-glance industry views on some of the most engaging and interesting topics relating to the mobile broadband sector. As part of the Direct Insights series, the Feature Stack Direct Insights provides the views of Product Development Managers and Experts from Communication Service Providers, Solution Vendors and System Integrators on the development of innovative mobile broadband data products including mobile data services, add-on features and plans and presents a snapshot of the industry’s take on the increasing scope, complexities and challenges in designing and rolling out the best mobile broadband products to the market.


The MAJOR factor that drives rapid innovations in the mobile data segment is the;




Which of the following Organizational Goals most significantly influences the choice of the mobile data products/services to be rolled out to the market?




When it comes to designing and bringing to market products that are innovative and responsive and competitive, the major CHALLENGE is always: