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Case Study: Real-time Analytics for Bill Shock Mitigation and Subscriber Quota Management

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Case Study: Real-time Analytics for Bill Shock Mitigation and Subscriber Quota Management


DigitalRoute’s customer is a provincial North American telecoms service provider that also delivers national roaming services via its partners.

The operator saw Service Control as a means to quickly and cost effectively get new service offerings to its subscribers. Its legacy billing and mediation platforms were unable to support the desired business models these would require as a result of which it had no roaming offerings at all in the product catalog in spite of having invested a total of over $80m in its BSS infrastructure.

Additionally, the operator also sought real-time visibility into subscriber data usage, something they could also not achieve with their legacy stack. As a result of these shortcomings, they were disinclined to invest further in an infrastructure that was not delivering results.

A final factor came when national regulators enforced a bill shock alert requirement that could also be addressed by Service Control, but not by the existing infrastructure.


The MediationZone Solution

DigitalRoute delivered a local bill shock solution using Service Control on the GY interface. The project went live 5 months after the initial Proof of Concept.

Next, a Standard Data product which was constructed as a month-to-month plan with a set amount of data usage for an individual subscriber was supported via the creation of price able “data buckets” within Service Control.

This was followed by support for an international roaming plan with a set amount of data usage for a specified time zone during a specified time period by an individual subscriber. In achieving this, Service Control created a scheme where primary subscribers can share a pool of data with secondary subscribers.

The three new services, within weeks of launch, are already being delivered to over 500,000 subscribers.

The Result


The customer’s VP-IT, now has a system which enables him to sit and talk to marketing of business development, confident that he is no longer one step behind! Instead of saying 6-12 months he can now say 1-2 months before go live on new business offers. The operator is now providing its first roaming data services and sees more development being done for subscriber products moving forward.



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