Uber, Spotify Partner to Give Users Control over Music in the Cab

24 November 2014
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Uber, Spotify Partner to Give Users Control over Music in the Cab Image Credit: Uber

Today, Uber, an international ridesharing service, announced that they are joining forces with Spotify, a world leader in streaming music, to enable users to remotely control the music that plays through their Uber’s speakers. This means that instead of having to listen to the cab driver's choice of music, customers can select and play what they like from the available playlists. On top on this, they can also control the volume or turn off the audio all together.

Uber said that customers can now wirelessly control and mix the music from any of their Spotify playlists through the Uber app until they arrive at their destination. It also provides a 'Discover' feature, which enables users to discover new tunes via Uber’s featured playlists.

According to Uber, the new feature is currently available in ten cities - London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Nashville, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto. Uber users in these cities are also given a chance to experience music with some of the top artists - Andrew W.K., The Sam Willows, Ximena Sariñana, Ansiktet, Professor Green, Diplo, join artist ride-alongs and view exclusive live sessions.

To access Spotify, a Uber user has to connect his/her 'Spotify Premium' account via the Uber Profile screen and request a ride as usual in the Uber app. By tapping on the music bar that appears on the app, the user will be able to choose their songs and start streaming the music once their ride begins.  



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