23 January 2015

B2B Tech Buyers vs B2B Content Marketers: 2015 Content Marketing Strategies

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Is the B2B Content produced by marketers aligned to the B2B Tech Buyers' Consumption preferences? Thi seems to be the biggest question for marketers today. There is already a lot of talk in the market that this year will see marketers shifting their focus from Content Marketing to Content Marketing Analytics. Analytics will enable marketers to assess whether their content and its distribution and sharing strategies are indeed delivering the Returns on Investment (ROI) that are expected of them. And analytics will pave way for renewed content strategies among enterprises and will enable marketers to weigh all the marketing options available to them. We have pulled together a few crucial numbers for a quick snapshot about content and channel effectiveness based on surveys conducted by a number of leading marketing companies in this space. The results are presented in the following infographics. Feel free to give us your feedback and what you think the numbers are telling us?