Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith

Vertex Innovations president Wayne Smith has helped build the United State’s telecom infrastructure, the foundation upon which much of our 21st Century lives rest. Wayne played a critical role in the switch from dial-up modems to DSL; now he is replacing his own networks with wireless technology. With his multifaceted expertise, Wayne has built massive data centers for wireless carriers in their entirety, from the construction of the building itself to the high-tech guts inside. At Vertex Innovations, Wayne and his colleagues are not so much specialists of any one technology, but rather experts at solving the problems of their clients.

#1: CHANGING NETWORK TECHNOLOGIESThe dominant mobile network trend for 2017 is the continued effort to expand network capacity. To meet this requirement mobile operators will…
From the inception of the US public wireless networks to around 2013, the dominant infrastructure trend was the expansion of geographical network coverage. During this…

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