Neil Cawse

Neil Cawse

Neil is a business leader, entrepreneur and engineer who has been starting and running his own businesses since 1992. He sold a software development company of over 100 engineers to Datatec in 1998. GeotabInc. was started in 2000 by Neil and is now the largest telematics company in the world as measured by new vehicle subscriptions per year. The company has been voted one of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Canada and top 200 in North America for 4 years running. Neil at his heart is an engineer and is involved day to day in the engineering decisions and work. Neil prides himself on the company’s integrity and its forward thinking ideals – including making sure the customer gets the right solution ahead of the company’s profits.

Telematics technology has come a long way since fleet managers first used those early GPS devices that sported external antennas about 10 years ago. Back…

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