Future of BSS

4 April 2016
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Based on the Telecoms.com Intelligence 2016 Annual Industry Survey, AsiaInfo carried out an analysis of operator views on the future of business support systems (BSS), identifying trends by region and amongst different types of operator.

This webinar recording reveals: 

- Which region is the most innovative in BSS-enabled services, such as pricing?

- How do motivations for IT transformation differ from Asia to Europe to America?

- Which types of operator have the most radical approaches to BSS upgrades?

- Which regions are ready to move their BSS systems to the cloud?

- How is public cloud perceived as a platform for BSS operations, today and in the future?

Gain a deeper understanding of our market based on over 300 unique operator responses, and join the discussion about the future of BSS.

The Future of BSS from AsiaInfo on YouTube.

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