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2016 Trends and Outlook

Welcome to The Fast Mode 2016 #Trends&Outlook segment, which follows the 2015 #Trends&Outlook which featured some of the best predictions in the industry from more than 40 leading telecom tech companies. The Fast Mode #Trends&Outlook series is one of the most popular references within the telecom community and discusses some of the most forward concepts and breakthrough ideas covering both technologies and service innovations in the industry.  

This year, the #Trends&Outlook series comes with the special #Trends&Outlook Polls which will be gathering quick insights on readers' take on the topics discussed. The Fast Mode is also adding a little excitement to the series by giving away a Xiaomi MiBand for the lucky winner of the #Trends&Outlook QUIZ - see details at the bottom of the page.  


Win a Xiaomi MiBand by Submitting All the 3 Correct Answers

Clues: Each prediction article above provides a clue button which reveals a clue for either the Red, Blue or Green Circle. As more articles are published, more clues will be provided for each Circle. The articles will be published throughout November and December of 2015 and January and February of 2016.

The Winner will be selected based on the correct answers and the best slogan (maximum 29 words). If you have the answers, fill in the form below and click submit. The winner will be notified on the 29th February 2016 via email and on The Fast Mode.





Slogan: The Fast Mode is the coolest telecom tech publication because...


Event Producer: Ariana Lynn

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