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WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA) Develops Interoperability Specification for Wi-FAR™ Networks

Clock 10 July 2014
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WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA) Develops Interoperability Specification for Wi-FAR™ Networks Source:WSA

The WhiteSpace Alliance (WSA) ®, a global industry organization enabling sharing of underutilized spectrum that was formed in Dec 2011, this week announced development of its interoperability specification for Wi-FAR networks.

WSA has been formed with the goal of enabling the emerging worldwide WhiteSpace ecosystem to deliver cost-effective broadband solutions, and support products and services that use WhiteSpace spectrum. Wi-FAR, initiated by WSA is derived from the IEEE 802.22 Standard on Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRAN).

According to WSA, the Wi-FAR provides low cost broadband Internet access through dynamic allocation of underutilized TV band spectrum (“whitespace”). The Wi-FAR specification integrates intelligent spectrum management capabilities such as location awareness and database access to identify and utilize TV whitespace spectrum. WSA also said that each Wi-FAR cell will provide 22-29 Mbps of aggregate throughput per TV channel with support for up to 512 devices, with a typical coverage of 10 to 30 km. 

This will enable cost-efficient deployment of broadband access and backhaul solutions to regional, rural and remote areas under the line-of-sight and non-line of sight conditions.

“Interoperability is the critical requirement for developing a robust ecosystem of solution providers. This specification, and the testing procedures we are currently developing, will significantly accelerate development and deployment of cost-effective products using whitespace spectrum.”

 Dr. Apurva Mody, Chairman of WhiteSpace Alliance

Ray is a news editor at The Fast Mode, bringing with him more than 10 years of experience in the wireless industry.

For tips and feedback, email Ray at ray.sharma(at), or reach him on LinkedIn, Facebook 


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